Visual Analytics


Visual Analytics is a powerful & versatile data analysis tool that allows you to truly understand your business. You can view data simultaneously from a range of sources on one dashboard. Analysis is as simple as making selections from a range of columns, and your selections can be saved as favorites so that your analysis can be viewed again with a simple click of the mouse. You can visualise your data in a range of graphs, and can analyse it further using Pivot tables. These pivot tables can be exported for further analysis in Excel. 


How Does It Work


When you connect to a data-source M-Power automatically analyses the data and creates a a number of columns each populated with the unique data it finds. For example a spreadsheet of sales data would resolve as a list of customers, a list of territories, a list of sales people and a list of products.

You can then make selections or exclusions from each column and a date range to drill deeply into the information you require. The data can be split into date - day, week, month, quarter or year.


Data Sources


We can connect to a full range of datasources such Microsoft Access databases. SQL Server databases, ODBC datasources and even systems such as MYOB.


Key Performance Indicators


Visual Analytics is ideal for keeping abreast of the key performance indicators for your business. Simultaneously you can view up to the second information such as:

  • Incoming sales
  • Invoiced Sales
  • Client acquisition
  • Sales by product, sales person or profit centre
  • Quality assurance data