M-Power's origins were as an in-house solution for an industrial graphics manufacturer using technologies such as screen & digital printing, graphic design, CNC Routing  & fabrication. 

For this reason M-Power contains a number of features that make it well suited to companies operating within the sign making, wide format printing, screen-printing, laser engraving, packaging and associated industries.

Some of these features include:

  • Quoting formulas tailored to print (sqm, per worksheet, bases per hr, lineal metre)
  • Powerful pricelist structures commonly used by garment and promotional companies
  • Layout and sheet Imposition
  • Sign installation sheets detailing site conditions, permits, hire equipment etc
  • Tooling registers for cutting formes
  • Ink registers and print parameters 

It is also tremendously useful when the people installing your MIS are familiar with your terminology and the machinery you use. This means that they are well qualified to guide you through the installation and assist you with developing the procedures best suited to the scenarios you may face.