Automation & Integration

The Future is Automation

Automation is the future for manufacturing businesses. When skilled staff are difficult to find and wage rates are high, we should work on tasks that add value rather than those you can automate. M-Power strives to streamline workflow and reduce the keystrokes you need to complete business activities. Integrations with other software promise end-to-end automation

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Automation is more straightforward if you can standardise inputs to your workflow. Your Web-to-print is a starting point if you are in the printing industry. Your clients often prefer the convenience of placing their orders online, and we make this happen in two ways. Firstly we offer our Business-to-Business portal that your regular clients can use for quoting and ordering. Secondly, we import orders directly from your Woocommerce or Pressero web stores.

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Enfocus Switch

Enfocus switch is a leading workflow automation system that manages integration with various pre-flighting and imposition tools. M-Power holds the information that these tools use to manipulate their workflows and records the results of their processing. Integration with Switch allows you to create artwork approvals and file structures and impose artwork using data from M-Power.


Quote Automation

M-Power recipes are powerful. We use automation to adjust material and labour requirements automatically for different quantities and sizes. With a few keystrokes, you can produce a range of accurate quotations. Likewise, we can search across work-in-progress and find jobs you can batch together for greater efficiency. We aim to take batching further by using nesting algorithms to find the optimal imposition that reduces the total cost between jobs.

Fully integrated, super fast and incredibly
easy to use.

Integrations Drive Automation

We aim to work with software our clients consider best-of-breed for different business processes. Currently, we work with front-end marketing automation, web-to-print and accounting systems. We aim to integrate with warehousing and shipping systems as our clients demand.


M-Power can do so much more

Online ordering saves time

Clients love the convenience of online ordering.
M-Power has it covered.


Your jobs, simply managed

You can now send your quotations to clients using email. Clients can click a link that takes them to an approval page where they can approve the quote online, as well as entering specific comments if they desire.

Trust the power of simplicity

Every business has a right to get things done faster, and we're
here to help make that possible.