Online Ordering

Online Ordering

More and more customers expect to price their work and place orders in ways convenient to them. Sure, some clients will always prefer the personal touch offered by phone and emails, but in today's fast-paced business environment, a portal provides your clients with 24/7 responsiveness. M-Power offers business-to-business online ordering features through its client portal and with its integration to Preserro web-to-print. We can import orders placed on your Woocommerce website, or you can add our Woocommerce plugin to your website to leverage the power of our pricing engine.

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Introducing Our Client Portal

Our client portal allows registered business-to-business clients to quote jobs, place orders, repeat jobs and upload files. They can see their previous quotes and orders along with the status of work-in-progress jobs. The client portal is ideal for managing franchise groups and multi-location businesses

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Managing Portal Items

A client portal can contain a combination of products common to all clients and product part numbers specific to the client. We use a tagging system to conveniently assign and manage products across multiple portals.
Your client receives a notification when they place an order through the portal, and the sales order appears directly in your work-in-progress list tagged as a web order. The great thing about portal-placed orders is that they are production ready and need no further action.


Pressero Web-to-Print & Woocommerce E-Commerce

Aleyant Pressero is a popular system used in the printing industry. We integrate with Pressero and import orders from the system on demand. Likewise, we also integrate with Woocommerce, the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress websites. You press a button in M-Power to trigger the import of new orders, and they arrive in a pre-flighting area to ensure that clients and products match those in M-Power. We create a new order with the click of a button.

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M-Power Woocommerce Plugin

M-Power has a Woocommerce plugin that lets you expose your M-Power product catalogue on a WordPress-based website. This feature means you need only maintain your product catalogue in M-Power rather than in Woocommerce and M-Power. It also lets you use the powerful M-Power quoting wizards to configure products and prices in ways other systems can't


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Frequently asked questions

Not currently. The portal is ideal for regular business-to-business clients who usually have credit terms. We may offer this feature soon. Clients can pay before placing orders on the Woocommerce site.

We plan to include this feature soon, but it is unavailable now. Our wizard system can prompt users for variable data for standing designs, which is often sufficient.

We provide styling guidelines, so your web designer can make your portal very similar in look and feel to your website. We recommend placing the portal on a subdomain to your main website; for instance, and having a button on your website that opens the portal landing page.

Yes, we charge extra for a client portal. Currently, the cost starts at $300 per month. You can have unlimited portals for this cost; however, we may charge extra to cover the cost of scaling the resources to handle high traffic levels.

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Your jobs, simply managed

You can now send your quotations to clients using email. Clients can click a link that takes them to an approval page where they can approve the quote online, as well as entering specific comments if they desire.

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