Frequently Asked

About M-Power

We are an Australian based company, with a distributed team located across Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane

We started development in 1997 and onboarded our first commercial clients in 2007

Our most extensive user base is in the sign, print and display industry. We serve sign companies, commercial print companies, wide-format printing companies, vehicle wrappers, apparel decorators and manufacturers of binders and stationery. Outside the printing industry, our clients include companies who manufacture medical machinery, fertiliser, sail shades, machines, and process products such as Oats.

All development and support and carried out by our Australian based team.
Getting started

Sorry, we don't offer free trials. With M-Power, you receive a dedicated system we optimise for your company after a brief consultation. We minimise your risk through a low entry cost, and you can cancel anytime. We only accept clients when we are confident our system is suited to their requirements.

We charge for users who have a dedicated login to M-Power and access to most features. We base your subscription on the number of users who have logged into the system more than five times over the previous month. We do not charge for scanning stations with limited functionality.

We recommend a brief consultation or demo to ensure our system meets your needs. If you feel it does, we will send you a proposal link outlining our onboarding process, our costs, and terms and conditions. You will receive access to the system three days after completing the direct debit link, and we will schedule an onboarding meeting with you.

Yes - you can cancel at any time with 30 days' notice. As we host your system on Amazon AWS, we need 30 days' notice to decommission your cloud system.
My Data

When you cancel, we turn off your dedicated website, but your database remains for three months should you need assistance migrating it to a new system. We can export clients, jobs, quotes and recipes in Excel formats suitable for importing into other systems.

We are skilled at data migration and can generally import data from other systems, provided you can export the data in a CSV or Excel format. If the data is in another database like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Postgres, Filemaker or MySQL we can generally migrate the data if we have access to the data. Of course, features in another system differ from M-Power, so the migration is limited to the features and data we support. Custom data migration is time-consuming, and we charge for this by the hour once we understand your requirements.

We store your data in dedicated Microsoft SQL Server databases in the Amazon AWS datacentre in Sydney. Amazon AWS is the worlds leading cloud infrastructure provider.

Data security is a leading concern for many businesses, and cloud-based systems like M-Power are safer than hosting data on your premises. We use standard industry practices to minimise impact surface. We protect your data with two layers of backup protection. We use brute force login protection which blocks a user's IP Address after invalid attempts. All communications are encrypted using SSL.