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Your sales team performs better when they have the tools at hand that help manage their clients systematically. Our sales pipeline starts with suspects and flows to leads, quotes and orders.

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Your sales efforts might generate many enquiries, but not all are suited. Why clutter the system with redundant contacts? The suspect's list works like a spreadsheet to let your filter suspects and qualify them. You can enter suspects manually or import them from your Hubspot marketing automation system.

Sales Leads & Opportunities

Salespeople can use the leads system to manage their sales pipeline. They can enter leads directly or convert suspects to leads and assign a pipeline status. As the sale opportunity develops, they can add files, record sales calls and notes and even forward relevant emails to the lead.


Manage Sales Call Cycles

Salespeople perform better if they systematically approach business development. The sales call form collects critical information from the salesperson and prompts for the next contact date for the lead. We visually show a salesperson's past and future calls on a calendar, making it easy for them and their managers to plan effectively.

Fully integrated, super fast and incredibly
easy to use.

Follow-up quotes for better conversion

M-Power makes effective follow-ups easy by including all the tools you need in one place. Your conversion rates are improved when you have a system to contact clients to see how they received your quote.


Conversion Rates

Improving quote conversion rates is the goal of all sales organisations. M-Power tracks your conversions and shows them on dashboards that motivate all in the office.

Frequently asked questions

While you can send emails from the system to individual contacts, we suggest you use your preferred email software and cc emails to the system instead. We recommend email services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Active Campaign for mass email broadcasts because they better handle compliance with anti-spam legislation and offer better reporting. You can export email lists from the system for these campaigns.

There is minimal integration with external email systems. You can add your sales call or schedule calendar to outlook as a shared calendar. Send quotes from the system and cc your email address. M-Power has a series of email addresses for leads, sales orders, quote requests and companies. Depending on the topic, we recommend you forward emails to the system.

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