Quoting For Success

Our goal is to make quoting simple and accurate and ensure consistent pricing across the team. We aim to enhance your sales success by making it easy to manage, price and convert quotation requests.

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Never Miss a Quote Request

M-Power has dedicated email addresses where you can forward your emailed quote requests and leads. Your team can easily see all new quotes, share the workload and efficiently use their time. The original email travels with the quote, so there is no confusion about what the client wanted

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Supercharge Quoting with Recipes

Our product recipes make quoting easy. Recipes work like spreadsheets and calculate the materials and labour time needed to cost your product. Our wizards ask questions that automatically adjust these spreadsheets and take care of all calculations. Of course, you can enter costs manually if you prefer. We aim to give you a flying start.

Using product recipes has other advantages. They guide team members through pricing so they remember to include all costs. We build your Job Cards and work instructions from the recipe, and we base schedules on the calculated process times.


Automation Saves Time & Money

Manual quoting is tedious, especially when there are many items to quote within a project or tender document.

M-Power makes it easy. When your client asks for four quantity breaks - Just quote the first quantity - Enter the others as 100,200,300. Press a Button and its done.

If tender requires 20 signs of different sizes and quantities on the same material, just quote the first one, list the sizes of the others - press a button and it will price each one automatically.

A material comes in five sheet sizes - not sure which size is best for the job? No problem - the system tries each size and picks the size with the best yield and lowest cost.

Fully integrated, super fast and incredibly
easy to use.


Quote Approved

Email the quote to your client as a PDF or use our online approval tool. Clients click a link in your email that takes them to an approval page where they can accept your quote.

Follow-up quotes for better conversion

M-Power makes effective follow-ups easy by including all the tools you need in one place. Your conversion rates are improved when you have a system to contact clients to see how they received your quote.


M-Power can do so much more

Manage your client meetings and
call cycles on a calendar

M-Power quickly finds clients who are outside their sales trends and
helps you bring them back on track.

Frequently asked questions

Any increase in material or labour costs automatically flows through to the next quote. You can lock quotes if you want to hold values at the time the quote was created

Each client can have a different prices and markups, but it is easier to group clients as a customer class (trade clients for instance) and apply markups to the customer class rather than individual clients

Of course - each product variation can have a unique pricelist. You can have different prices for each quantity break, client class or even a unique prices for each client. You can also add supplier prices to your materials which adjust for the quantity required by the quotation.

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Your jobs, simply managed

You can now send your quotations to clients using email. Clients can click a link that takes them to an approval page where they can approve the quote online, as well as entering specific comments if they desire.

Trust the power of simplicity

Every business has a right to get things done faster, and we're
here to help make that possible.