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Improve productivity and Job Costs

Your business is flying blind unless you have the tools to analyse productivity and job costs accurately. Through our quoting process, we estimate the materials needed, and the time we expect the job to take. M-Power uses barcode scanning to record the time and materials used, which allows you to compare expected with actual costs. We use this data for many key performance indicators, which you can use to monitor and improve your business.

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Productivity is the sales output you receive for each hour of labour or machine time. Our recipes calculate the cost of each task in a workflow. As staff complete each task, they 'earn' the value of that task. When we look at the contribution that each person or machine 'earns' over the month, we see patterns that are the key to improving profitability. We can see our output improve as we charge more for each process at the quote stage, train our staff or automate processes using machinery.

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Determining job profitability means comparing predicted job costs with actual job costs. We estimate costs when quoting, while barcode scanning is the tool that allows us to record the actual labour and materials used. Profitability on individual jobs is helpful but is affected by natural variation. We should look for patterns in profitability across multiple jobs and make changes to our quoting estimates as required.


Recording Labour Time

Each process in a product workflow has a unique ID. Team members scan onto a process when they start and scan off again when they move on to another task. Even if many people are working on the same process across multiple days, the system captures all these time segments to record the total time. We compared this time to the estimated time.

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Recording Materials Used

We record materials used in two ways. Firstly materials can be committed to the job when released and then altered if the quantities used vary from the estimate. Alternatively, you can scan the materials into the job as you use them. The first approach is best for stock control, but both arrive at the exact job profitability figures.


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Frequently asked questions

A USB barcode scanner costs less the $100.00, and you need to connect it to a computer. Wireless scanners cost around $300, but you must still use a display to see the results of your scanning.

Yes - you can use a tablet or phone to display the screen, but a handheld scanner is more convenient to work with. Workers might drop tablets in a factory setting, so it is best to have a scan station which might be a fixed tablet or laptop. You can scan QR codes from phones and tablets to upload photos against jobs.

We print barcodes on production job cards. There is a unique barcode for each process required. We have different scanning modes depending on the information you wish to collect. In one way, a user scans their unique barcode and then a barcode at the start and end of a process. Another method requires the users to scan a barcode at the end of the process.

You can print job costing reports for each job individually, which show the actual labour and material costs compared to the budgeted cost. We can prepare dashboards that show the productivity of individual team members, departments or machines

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You can now send your quotations to clients using email. Clients can click a link that takes them to an approval page where they can approve the quote online, as well as entering specific comments if they desire.

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