M-Power is an end-to-end business system which handles your workflow
from sales through to invoicing. We strive for simplicity and automation.
You should never have to enter information more than once, and we hide complexity where we can.

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Manage Leads and Suspects
Enter suspects manually or import them from Hubspot and qualify them using the suspects list before converting them to sales leads. Manage your pipeline while updating the sales lead with emails and files you receive.
Segment Your Clients
Each company profile allows many addresses and personal contacts. We include all the tools needed to tag, classify and manage clients for marketing campaigns. Organise your salespeople by assigning clients to account managers, territories and discount classes.

Track Sales Activity
Plan your future sales calls on a calendar and see active and see overdue calls at a glance. Quickly find clients who have fallen outside their order cycle.
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Simple Setup Using our Product Catalog
Get started in ten minutes; import ready-made product calculators from our catalogue, which includes most products sold in the sign print and display industry
Powerful Calculators save Time
Our calculators make quoting simple and quick. We automatically calculate material quantities, costs, and labour time, but you can overwrite them easily with your estimates. Select from a range of formulas for each material or process. Use simple square metre or lineal metre formulas or work with the exact material requirements.

Simple to Use
Our wizards ask questions that guide you through the quoting process, prefilling the pricing spreadsheet to save time. This feature makes it easy for new staff to quote accurately and consistently.
Manage Quote Requests
You can forward quote request emails into the system so everyone can work on them. The system uses information in the quote to save time setting up new clients.
Convert Quotes to Orders
Quotes are converted into sales orders and carry forward all information you need for job cards and schedules
Detailed Work Instructions
Production job cards or work instructions can be as simple or detailed as you need. List all material requirements, time estimates and production tasks and notes. We offer a variety of formats to cater for the level of detail you require.
Include Files & Attachments
You can upload files such as drawings, images, photos and emails into the system. These files travel with the job, and you can use the system to email them to the client for proofing purposes.

Client Portal
Using your B2B portal, your clients can conveniently repeat orders, quote new work and place orders. Portals are ideal for managing franchise groups and multi-site operations demanding 24/7 responsiveness.
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Job Tracking
Barcode scanning keeps the work-in-progress status of jobs up to the minute. You will never chase your production manager for job status again.
Schedule Calendar
The system extracts time-sensitive tasks as your team enters new jobs. You can drag these processes into timeslots on a visual job board, or the system manages the task list automatically for each department.

Department Dashboards
Your staff always know their next job with job queues shown on department dashboards. The job queues update and move through departments as they scan off and on jobs.
Job Photos
Your field & factory staff can use their mobile phone or tablet to take photos of completed work which upload to the job. These photos are excellent references for future work and a perfect quality assurance tool.
Invoicing & Accounts
Xero and MYOB Integration
Our integrations with MYOB and Xero mean no more duplicate data entry. You can seamlessly export your invoices, clients and supplier bills to your accounting system. We can check invoices for payments and calculate commissions for salespeople
Never Miss a Thing
We include tools to easily cross-reference all jobs to invoices and find missed invoices and underpriced jobs. Our variation reports find short-shipped jobs and inconsistencies that save you money.

Automate Workflow with Enfocus Switch
You can include M-Power in your Enfocus Switch workflows, pull data from M-Power to drive Enfocus Switch and update M-Power with the results of Switch workflows.
Controlled Purchasing
Our system includes a purchasing and inward goods system integrated with Xero and MYOB. You can place purchase orders with suppliers, receive goods into jobs or inventory, reconcile differences between supplier prices along with the quantities received and ordered and export the approved supplier bill to Xero or MYOB
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Track Job Profitability
Accurately determine the true cost of jobs, incorporate material costs, outwork and direct labour
Monitor output by person and machine for different procesess and track improvements.
Wall mounted dashboards display key performance indicators across sales and production areas
Xero and MYOB
Tight integration with XERO and MYOB reduces double handling, saves time and improves accuracy
Woocommerce & Pressero
Import new orders placed through your web-to-print or e-commerce site. Push back changes to inventory to update your website
Email Integration
You can forward emails into the system to be processed automatically as quote requests. Easily update orders, sales leads, and quotations with files and new emails as you receive them. Send emails and attachments from the system with links to online approval pages.

Automate Workflow with Enfocus Switch
You can include M-Power in your Enfocus Switch workflows, pull data from M-Power to drive Enfocus Switch and update M-Power with the results of Switch workflows.
Marketing Automation
Post selected website enquiry forms directly into M-Power to act on new prospects as they arrive. Import suspects from your HubSpot account, qualify them, create sales leaders and manage them through M-Power.

Trust the power of simplicity

Every business has a right to get things done faster, and we're
here to help make that possible.