Sales Orders & Jobs

Sales Orders & Jobs

You raise sales orders when you receive a purchase order from your clients. M-Power contains many features that make it easy for you and your clients to enter, confirm and process sales orders into production.

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Enter Jobs the Easy Way

You can enter sales orders in many ways, including manual entry, converting quotes to orders and copying previous orders. Our website integration means no double-handling when you import orders placed through your Woocommerce or Pressero website. The easiest is when your clients enter their sales orders for you using our client portal.

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Files & Emails Travel with The Job

Sometimes your sales team might raise a sales order and omit critical information in the body of a purchase order, email or file. We reduce the risk of rework by letting you forward emails and files into the system, which travel with the job. This feature means that each team member is fully informed about the job and can spot inconsistencies that cause errors.


Produce Job Cards and Work Instructions

M-Power has job card formats that suit many styles of manufacturing. Job Cards may contain images, checklists, detailed material yield calculations, and complex work instructions grouped by the process. We can organise custom formats if required.

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Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately not, our jobcard are webpages that are converted into PDFs. Your web designer can design a job card to our specifications or we can do it for you.

There is minimal integration with external email systems. You can add your sales call or schedule calendar to outlook as a shared calendar. Send quotes from the system and cc your email address. M-Power has a series of email addresses for leads, sales orders, quote requests and companies. Depending on the topic, we recommend you forward emails to the system.

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